Friday, April 19, 2024

Wisconsin 2024 elections: Angelina Cruz announces candidacy for 62nd Assembly District

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Headline:  WisPolitics, 4/18/2024
As a public school educator and labor leader, Angelina Cruz has experienced firsthand how mismanagement at the state level has impacted the children and workers of Racine. “Due to reckless divestment for over a decade, communities like Racine have suffered,” said Cruz. “Public schools are the cornerstone of democracy. And our community depends on a fully funded public system. We can’t afford to forget that. Unless we dramatically change course, everyone in our community will continue to be hurt, most especially children, workers, and property tax payers.” 
Born in Racine and raised in Caledonia, Cruz seeks to actively engage and represent the everyday citizens of the 62nd. She has been actively involved in state and local politics since 2011, when the state legislature enacted Act 10 launching a direct attack on public sector workers, most specifically educators and the public school system.
The district is currently represented by Robert Wittke (R-Racine).

The new Senate and Assembly maps:
SD 1 and AD 1, 2, 3.  (2/20/2024)
AD 1.  (4/17/2024)
SD9 and AD 25, 26, 27.  (2/22/2024)
AD51.  (4/17/2024)
AD 53.  (2/25/2024)
AD 87.  (4/16/2024)
SD30 and AD 88, 89,90.  (2/21/2024)
AD 90.  (4/17/2024)

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