Saturday, August 3, 2019

GET ME REWRITE: Most books by Martin Mayer purchased by LINKcat public libraries have been weeded

All that's left

Martin Mayer, Prolific and Protean Author and Critic, Dies at 91.  (The New York Times, 8/1/2019)
Many of his books examined familiar professions and institutions, with titles like “Madison Avenue, U.S.A.” (1958), “Wall Street: Men and Money” (1960), “The Schools” (1961), “The Lawyers” (1967), “About Television” (1972), “The Bankers” (1974), “The Builders: Houses, People, Neighborhoods, Governments, Money” (1978) and “The Diplomats” (1983). 
The titles made them sound perhaps like quickie surveys, but they proved to be serious books, often years in the making, that treated complex subjects with respect if not total justice. Reviewers and professionals often cited oversimplifications and said readers might be misled. The very title of “The Lawyers,” for example, suggested to one reviewer a wallow into the murkier gimmicks of the legal profession.

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