Monday, April 8, 2019

Dear Jim Holte, The evidence suggests otherwise. Overwhelmingly so. Best, Retiring Guy

Apparently, Jim, Wisconsin is ground zero for groundwater contamination.  (See below)

Quoted in Wisconsin Farm Bureau Federation Testifies to Speaker’s Task Force on Water Quality.  (Wisconsin Farm Bureau Federation, 4/4/2019)

And this headline is not from some wild-eyed conservation publication.

KEWAUNEE COUNTY, Wis.—Chuck Wagner has given up on drawing clean water from his faucets. When he moved, 23 years ago, to 80 acres situated between dairy farms in northeastern Wisconsin, he built a home and drilled a 123-foot well. The water tested clean, and his family drank it. Five years later, tests showed it was contaminated with bacteria and nitrates, potentially harmful and often derived from nitrogen in manure and fertilizer.  [emphasis added]

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