Friday, December 28, 2018

CES 2019: Twice breathlessly promotes the "Clash of the Robovacs"

CES 2019 Preview: Clash Of The Robovacs.  (Twice, 12/18/2018)
Throughout the last year, the retail and online landscape for robotic vacuums has greatly changed with new brands entering retailers’ assortments, as well as existing brands expanding the types of features offered. Through new enhancements and expanding price bands, manufacturers are transitioning vacuuming from a weekly, and sometimes daily, chore to a simple click of a button or touch on a screen for just about any member of the household. And while upright vacuums still represent the greatest shelf share at many retailers, the tide is shifting, pushing robotic vacuums into a new day and age.

Robovac vacuum timeline
  • 1996.  Electrolux offers the first of its kind, the Tribolite (discontinued)
  • 2001.  Dyson gives it a go, but its vac never becomes available for sale due to production costs
  • 2002.  iRobot introduces the Roomba, which now has 52% of the shahre of the robotic vacuum market.

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Should You Get a Robot Vacuumm?  (New York, 5/11/2018)
Final verdict.  Don’t ditch your upright vacuum. The robots are best for maintenance on hardwood floors, automatic upkeep throughout entire floor plans, and kid-proofing your home. And you won’t have to deep clean as often. 
“It doesn’t replace physical labor, but it greatly reduces it,” Amos says. “You won’t ever not vacuum again.”

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