Wednesday, December 26, 2018

America! Now! In 2 USA Today headlines

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Struggling middle class give less to charity, but donations by wealthy Americans surge.  (MarketWatch, 12/1/2018)
As a result, charities are increasingly relying on larger donations from smaller numbers of high-income, high-wealth donors, which could lead to undue influence of funds in major charitable organizations.
How Top Philanthropists Wield Power Through Donations.  (The New York Times,  4/14/2017)
I think we're beyond 'could'.   “One of the most concerning issues in this is philanthropy is rising as government is falling,” he said. “Ordinary citizens do not feel like their voice counts. They feel the wealthy have too much power and call the shots. That’s one of the things that’s fed the populism of recent years.”

Americans Are Spending Mind-Blowing Money on Lotto Tickets in These Top States.  (The Street, 9/7/2017)
For 2016, the Census Bureau projected there were $323 million people living in the U.S. which means the average amount spent on various types of lottery tickets is $206.69 per year, LendEdu said. 
Some residents are diehard fans of playing the lottery, and Massachusetts natives spend the most money per capita at $734.85 annually while Rhode Island follows a close second at $513.75 each year. The third highest amount was spent in Delaware at $420.82, New York with $398.77 and West Virginia at $359.78.

10 things NOT to do if you win a billion dollars.  (MarketWatch, 10/24/2018)
Numero uno:  Don't tell people.

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