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About four weeks after the storm in Middleton: Tiedeman Pond level continues to drop

The lowest point of Park Street along the Tiedeman Pond curve.
Photos by Retiring Guy

The Park Street curve is just about dry.

The pipe is sticking up out of solid ground now.

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9/10/2018 update starts here.

Photos by Retiring Guy

9/7/2018 update starts here.

Close to the edge
Photos by Retiring Guy

 A portion of one lane still flooded

9/4/2018 update, " Pumping continues at Tiedeman Pond (First day of school edition)",. starts here.

A noticeable receding of the pond during the past week, but it still has a long way to go.,

Photos by Retiring Guy

Since Friday's visit, we could see a little more of this pipe sticking out of the water -- 3-4 inches, perhaps.  Additional rainfall over the Labor Day weekend certainly didn't help matters.

A view of the pond from the sidewalk that skirts the northern side of Elm Lawn Elementary School.

8/31/2018 update, "Where the water goes when pumped out of Tiedeman Pond", starts here.

The rubber pipe had to be placed below ground at the Elm Lawn school's entrance and exit driveways.  (Entrance shown here.)

Progress will be slow.  (Compare 8/26 photo)

8/30/2018 update, "9 days after the storm in Middleton:  After a "false start", pumping of Tiedeman Pond resumes", starts here.

Source:  Next Door

8/28/2018 update, "Pumping of Tiedeman Pond begins this afternoon", starts here.

Dane County provided Middleton with a pump to lower the water level of Tiedeman Pond.  

Photos by Retiring Guy

Otherwise, it will take an estimated 80 days for the pond to return to its normal level on its own.

That's supposed to be Park Street in the foreground.

The observation deck continues its journey around the flooded pond.

Its journey to date.

8/26/2018 update,  "Tiedeman Pond still rules Park Street curve", starts here.
As you can see from the debris on the road, the pond's water level has peaked.  That being said, I didn't check this location after today's late-afternoon downpour.

OK, what happened to the 6-foot embankment?

8/22/2018 update, " Tiedeman Pond level continues to rise, Park Street increasingly flooded", starts here.

The flooding has reached Woodgate Road, primary access point to Elm Lawn Elementary School, which welcomes students back on Tuesday, September 4.

Photos by Retiring Guy

Another view

At this time, the level of Tiedeman Pond is higher than the lowest point of the Park Street curve.  And the bench shown in one of the photos below is now fully submerged.

Original 8/21/2018 post starts here.

Park Street curves along the east side of the pond.

All photos by Retiring Guy

Record rainfall kills 1; leaves Madison region swamped.  (Wisconsin State Journal, 8/21/2018)
An epic rainfall swept one man to his death, washed out bridges, swamped homes, cars and businesses, and marooned dozens of shoppers overnight at a Middleton discount store Monday. 
Flooded streets caught many by surprise, forcing emergency responders and ordinary citizens into extraordinary attempts to rescue stranded drivers.

Another 20 feet from Clovernook

  Center-left is a bench that sits on the boardwalk.

Access to the boardwalk and path from Park Street just south of the railroad tracks.

Hopefully, Tiedeman Pond will return to some semblence of its former beauty.

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