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Five days after the storm in Middleton: U.S. highway 14 UPDATE

Portion of Highway 14 reopens following flooding; Madison, Monona continue to prepare for rain.  (, 8/26/2018)
The portion, or stretch, is not identified in the article.  A stretch of Highway 14 between Middleton and Cross Plains that had been closed due to torrential rains last week was reopened Sunday, while officials in Madison and Monona continued to prepare for potential flooding from a fresh round of storms expected this week.

8/23/2018 update starts here.

Approaching the intersection on Deming Way from the west

Photos by Retiring Guy

Looking west, work begins in earnest on repairing US highway 14 from Deming Way to Pleasant View Road

Looking south, Deming Way is now open to Greenway Center.

 Looking east, U.S. 14 is still closed between Deming Way and the Beltline.

Looking north, Deming Way has reopened.

Original 8/23/2018 post starts here.

According to a report provided by Middleton Police Chief Chuck Foulke at last night's city council meeting, it may be quite some time before this intersection is fully operational.

The first photo is a view looking west on U.S. 14.  A chunk of pavement in the westbound lanes -- about center-right -- has been washed away.  At best, it's possible that the eastbound lanes could be used to carry two-way traffic temporarily.  But what a mess that will be during morning and afternoon rush hours.  Just west of Black Earth, the road ends abruptly where a bridge was washed out.

All photos by Retiring Guy

As of late yesterday afternoon, Esser Pond, located between the Beltline and Greenway Center, remained the source of considerable flooding, blocking the two main access roads to this area.  (The other is Greenway Boulevard.  Deming Way west of 14 is likely to be driveable by the weekend, but there'll be no place else to go at this intersection.  

 Looking east on U.S. 14, toward the Beltline and downtown Middleton.  The Beltline interchange is likely to be reopened once water has receded, pavement quality is assessed, and traffic signals are checked.

Floodwater rearranged a section of pavement and sidewalk.  The loss of pavement makes the westbound lanes impassable.  This road provides shoppers with primary access to Costco.

Like everything else here in Middleton, everything is up in the air until full assessment are completed.

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