Friday, September 7, 2018

16 days after the storm in Madison: Flooding in the East Washington-East Mifflin area

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Photos by Retiring Guy

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Map without arrows found here.

Full report: Extended dry stretch forecast, but flooding far from over for southern Wisconsin.  (Wisconsin State Journal)

After the storm in Middleton (and Madison) posts:
Pheasant Branch Trail at Park Street (part 2).  (8/21/2018)
Confluence Pond expands to become Confluence Lake.  (8/22/2018)
Powerwashing between the Beltline and Parmenter Street.  (8/22/2018)
Along Pheasant Branch Creek east of Parmenter Street.  (8/23/2018)
Costco and environs.  (8/23/2018 update)
Entrance to Esser Place parking lot, then and now.  (8/24/2018)
Longmeadow Drive and Stricker's Pond, then and now.  (8/24/2018)
Greenway Station is open for business.  (8/24/2018 update)
Views of Pheasant Branch Creek from Parmenter Street bridge.  (8/25/2018 update)
Intersection of U.S. highway 14 and Deming Way.  (8/27/2018 update)
Century Avenue and entrances to Pheasant Branch Conservancy trails.  (8/27/2018)
UW Health administration office building.  (8/27/2018)
Longmeadow Gulch.  (8/28/2018)
Stricker's Pond footpath.  (8/28/2018)
Tiedeman Pond access at Pond Drive.  (8/31/2018 update)
Pheasant Branch Trail at Park Street (part 1).  (9/3/2018 update)
Woodside Heights Park.  (9/4/2018 update)
Voss Parkway.  (9/4/2018 update)
Stricker's Pond.  (9/4/2018 update)
The dual dead ends of Middleton Street.  (9/4/2018 update)
Stricker's Park.  (9/4/2018 update)
Tiedeman Pond pumping.  (9/7/2018 update)
Boardwalk access ramp to Tiedeman Pond.  (9/7/2018 update)

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