Wednesday, August 22, 2018

After the storm in Middleton: Power-washing between the Beltline and Parmenter Street

From this vantage point, it looks as though everything is fine and dandy.

Photos and video by Retiring Guy

It's not.  Power-washed by 11.63 inches of rain

Rainfall map found at Damage widespread, 1 dead after record rainfall causes flash flooding in Dane County.  (Wisconsin State Journal, 8/22/2018)

After the storm in Middleton posts:
Voss Parkway.  (8/21/2018)
Woodside Heights Park, Tiedeman Pond.  (8/21/2018)
Stricker's Pond, Voss Parkway.  (8/21/2018)
Pheasant Branch Trail at Park Street (part 1).  (8/21/2018)
Pheasant Branch Trail at Park Street (part 2).  (8/21/2018)
Greenway Center is mostly inaccessible.  (8/21/2018)
Intersection of U.S. highway 14 and Deming Way.  (8/22/2018)
Costco and environs.  (8/22/2018)
Confluence Pond expands to become Confluence Lake.  (8/22/2018)
Park Street and Tiedeman Pond.  (8/22/2018 update)
Tiedeman Pond access at Pond Drive.  (8/22/2018 update)

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