Saturday, March 10, 2018

UPDATE. Like his Colorado counterpart, California school district superintendent has fears about March for Our Lives activities being widely publicized online

Quoted in Paso schools tell kids: Walk out to protest guns and you'll be in trouble.  (The Tribune, 3/9/2018) 

But regular school activities.  Not so much.

District calendar

Bell schedule

District athletic calendar

Original 3/2/2018 post, ""Widely publicized online" snow job from Colorado school superintendent", starts here.

Reported in Durango school superintendent discourages student walkout over gun violence.  (Durango Herald, 2/28/2018)

This 'widely publicized online' calendar tells us when students will be in school

'Widely publicized online' bell schedules are available.

Sports?  Durango High has sports 'widely publicized online'.

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UPDATE. Waukesha school superintendent learns that acting like a bully has negative consequences.  (2/22/2018)

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