Thursday, March 29, 2018

Question of the day: When are there not rush hours at Mickie’s Dairy Bar?

Photo by Retiring Guy

30 plates that define Madison: The Scrambler at Mickies Dairy Bar.  (Wisconsin State Journal, 9/19/2015)
Why it defines Madison: Mickies has been a Madison institution since 1946. The Thongnuams sustain the cozy, hometown, Mom-and-Pop diner feel of the original establishment that encourages people to “step back in time” and savor a hearty, filling breakfast.
Mickie's Dairy Bar serves up Madison nostalgia by the short stack.  (Capital Times, 1/14/2014)
As new owners, the Thongnuams didn't change much. From the 50s-era menus on the wall (complete with prices in cents, not dollars) to the vintage Wisconsin Badger figures that flank the dining room, the Thongnuams' Mickie's retains the charm and flavor of its history while incorporating newer traditions, like the hot sauce that's available upon request.

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