Saturday, August 11, 2018

UPDATE When the money would better spent on much more pressing infrastructure needs

Top headline from The New York Times, 8/6/2018
“The report shows us what we already knew: The Trump administration put almost zero thought into the construction of this wall other than how it will play in the news cycle,” Mr. Vela said.
Bottom headline from 24/7 Wall St. 1/22/2017.
Figures about how much money the U.S. needs to rebuild the infrastructure of its brides, tunnels, roads, and airports differs wildly. In 2013, the American Society of Civil Engineers put the needed investment at $3.6 trillion between when its report was published and 2020. An official federal government report estimates the number is $808.2 billion.
The 2017 ASCE report card has since been made avalable.

Original 2/9/2018 post, "Infrastructure choice:  Build that wall or upgrade aging Mississippi River locks and dams", starts here.

Map source:  Wikipedia

Reported in Study: Mississippi River lock failure could cost millions, put hundreds more trucks on roads.  (, 2/8/2018)

Modal Investment Comparison:The Impact of Upper Mississippi RiverLock and Dam Shutdowns on State Highway Infrastructure

Crumbling from within

Source:  2017 Infrastructure report card (American Society of Civil Engineers)

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