Sunday, August 5, 2018

Madness, organizational and otherwise, resides at the Citizens for the St. Croix Valley website

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Hudson-area ‘Citizens for the St. Croix Valley’ flagged as hate group.  (Twin Cities Pioneer Press, 5/18/2018)
Sitting in a Keys Cafe, Darla Meyers and Dianne Joachim explain how they believe Sharia law could threaten Hudson, Wis. 
“Our whole mission is to make people aware of what true Islam is,” Joachim said. “We may not have a problem or a threat with Sharia law right here in this community, but it’s only a step away because it’s right across the border.”
A 'hate group' rises in Hudson; outbreak of weirdness ensues.  (City Pages, 5/31/2018)
Dianne Joachim of New Richmond, a Citizens organizer, made a case to the St. Croix County board last year that letting in refugees would spread disease. Who would pay to save their children from tuberculosis transmitted by Syrian refugees? she asked. 
Joachim was one of several to argue that night that letting in the refugees would be too risky for Hudson -- that they should just stay in Syria. (Joachim didn’t respond to interview requests.)
Citizens for St. Croix Valley Welcome IOTC & the American View of Government.  (The American View.)
Citizens for St. Criox Valley (CSCV) leader Dianne Joachim is a bold crusader for truth in America. In April, CSCV with Joachim invited Institute on the Constitution (IOTC) President Jake MacAulay to present on the American View of law and government:  
1.  There is a God. 2.  Our rights come from Him. 3.  The purpose of civil government is to secure God-given rights. 

Dianne defends Citizens for the St. Croix Valley in a letter to the River Falls Journal.

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