Saturday, March 4, 2017

Trivial Pursuit UPDATE: Donald Trump uses the Betsy DeVos-approved spelling of 'tap'

Everyone who thought Trump's alleged presidential behavior on Tuesday was a turning point, please raise your hand?

You've been snookered!

NationalTrump alleges Obama had Trump phones wiretapped during race.  (Washington Post,  3/4/2017)

Original 3/3/2017 post, "Well, that didn't last too long, did it, Donald Trump?:

Related article:
Here's what's actually happening in that photo of Schumer and Putin.  (USA Today, 3/3/2017)
The photograph was taken during Putin's 2003 visit to New York City, Schumer's office confirmed. Schumer, then in his first Senate term, and Putin were at the opening of a Lukoil gas station in Manhattan. 

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