Saturday, March 4, 2017

Dear Breitbart, How huge was that Spirit of America rally in Nashville? Guess it depends on who you ask.

Fake news purveyor headline
Mark must have counted the counter-protesters.  Rally organizer Mark Skoda told Breitbart News that the crowd size was estimated at 2,000, a number that was also reported and tweeted out by a number of people who were in attendance. [emphasis added]

Mainstream media article:
2 arrests reported from Trump rally in Nashville.  (Nashville Tennessean, 3/4/2017)
Steve didn't get the personal email from Mike Pence.  An estimated 1,200-1,500 attended the rally, according to co-organizer Steve Gill. Most who attended listened to the series of speakers that included State Rep. Glen Casada, Sen. Mae Beavers and Jim Hoft, founder of The Gateway Pundit on the schedule.  [emphasis added]
Huge?  2,000?  Here's huge!

Sorry, Mark.  Sorry, Steve.  You're nothin' but pikers.  Less than 2,000 attendees in a metro area of nearly 700,000?  


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