Monday, April 29, 2013

Middleton Public Library Survey (1968): Chapter 2

Chapter 2:  Municipal government and finance, Population characteristics, Economy, Future Growth

  • Mayoral form
  • 8 council members selected from 4 wards
  • Mayor and council elected for 2-year terms
  • Library Board one of city's official commissions

Quote:  A 1960 estimate by Mr. Navarre, Dane County Department of Social Services, shows less than 20 families in the City of Middleton receiving AFDC, Old Age Assistance, and Aid to Disabled.

Middleton's only nursing home has a capacity for 22 residents.

One-third of male workforce is categorized as (from 1960 census)
  • professional
  • technical
  • managers
  • office
  • proprietors
One-fourth of male workforce is categorized as
  • craftsmen
  • foremen

Women workers
  • 42% clerical and sales
  • 20% professional, technical, managerial
  • 20% service workers

Future growth

Residential to the north.  Industrial and commercial to the west.

Estimated population in 1985:  13,660.  (Actual:  12,243)

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