Thursday, April 18, 2013

Middleton Public Library Survey (1968): Chapter 1

5 years a city when this report was published

Chapter 1:  History, Organizations, Recreation, Religion

Background:  This document is the result of a contact made by Middleton Public Library Director Susan Mack, who in January 1968 contacted the University of Wisconsin Library School about the prospect of conducting a community needs survey.  The project was taken on by 9 students in L.S. 712 (Public Library), taught by Visiting Lecturer Bernard Schwab, Director of the Madison Public Library.  Apparently, there is a long history of current and former practitioners teaching this course.

I stumbled across this document yesterday while browsing the stacks at the UW-Madison SLIS Library.

What a surprise.

If the Middleton Public Library ever had a copy, it was not cataloged nor placed in any file drawer.  It would have been hard to miss.  The catalog record notes "various pagings"; I'd say they add up to about 200.  A not insubstantial project.

What follows is my summary of chapter 1.

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