Monday, April 13, 2009

New Cedar Rapids Library to Get 90% (Reimbursable) Federal Funding

Link to April 12 Cedar Rapids Gazette op-ed article, "After the floods, a new opportunity for C.R. library".

Excerpt: The Federal Emergency Management Agency recently ruled that the current library building sustained damage greater than 50 percent. With this determination, by FEMA regulations, replacing the building is more cost effective than repairing it. With replacement, FEMA will cover the cost for a new “like-kind” building in a 90 percent federal/10 percent state sharing ratio. Remember, though, FEMA is a reimbursement process: We expend the dollars first, then we are reimbursed. Any incremental improvements to the form, function and/or design that are made compared to the original building must be paid for locally.

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