Wednesday, September 5, 2018

White nationalist Road to Power UPDATE: "..everything that's dark and wrong in America right now"

Photo of Rob and Mollie Tibbetts:  Partial screenshot of Fox News alert

Reported in Twisted and grotesque': Mollie Tibbetts' father says racist robocall singled him out.  (Des Moines Register, 9/3/2018)
"He singled me out," said Tibbetts, who has a Latina stepdaughter and two Latino grandchildren he said Mollie adored. "It was twisted and grotesque."

Des Moines Register interview with Rob Tibbetts.

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Clown posse wants white supremacist to face the music.  (Bonner County Daily Bee, 9/2/2018)
But if a resident of Charlottesville, Va., gets his way, one Bonner County resident accused of funding and sending such calls — as well as illegally distributing racist media on vehicles at Sandpoint High School, harassing elected officials in three states and sending hate mail to a local business owner — will face the music for his actions. 
Accordion music. Played by clowns. Lots of them, playing for as many days in a row as possible. Right outside the man’s home on West Pine Street

 Original 9/2/2018 post, "American white supremacist and anti-Semitic group puts Russia to shame with its blatant, hateful, racist in-your-face election meddling", starts here.

Reported in We Negroes’ robocall is an attempt to ‘weaponize race’ in Florida campaign, Gillum warns.  (Washington Post, 9/1/2018)

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