Sunday, December 17, 2017

CES 2018 preview: Rinspeed Snap concept vehicle

The future of driving -- and transport -- at CES 2018.  (Road Show CES, 12/16/2017)
No company is more ready to take the plunge into the automotive future than Rinspeed and its partner, Harman International. At CES 2018, Rinspeed will be showing off its Snap concept car in the Harman showcase at the Hard Rock Hotel in Las Vegas. One key concept of Snap is how it separates the chassis and and cabin, making for a flexible transportation system. If you need to carry a few passengers, there's a cabin for that, or if you need to sell ice cream, there could be a utility cabin for that.

The driverless car as envisioned on the cover of the October 1990 issue of Boys' Life.

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