Monday, December 11, 2017

CES 2018 preivew: Or you could buy 2070 tablets of Sominex for the same price

Video text:
  • Fall asleep gently
  • Light and sound programs scientifically validated
  • Analysis of your sleep environment 
  • Wake up refreshesd
  • Light and sound programs for a pleasant environment
  • Understand your sleep conditions
  • Sleep analysis, personal tips to improve your sleep conditions
  • Relax.  Revitalize your energy and your mind.

CES 2018:  Terraillon will showcase their connected wellness Homni sleep solution.  (I4U News, 1211/2017)
Sounds totally objective to me.  Among this is the surrounding heat or cold, humidity levels, acoustics, general brightness and an analytic survey of your sleep waves. 
The group responsible for this machine received an [unnamed] award in Paris a couple of months ago. Terraillon will prove to be smashing hit among the crowd of insomniacs at the CES 2018 when it takes place next year.

According to this promotional pageHOMNI, accompanied by its "Dot" sensor, will be available in October at a recommended retail price of (RRP) £199,which converts to $234.50 in U.S. currency.

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