Tuesday, March 24, 2020

UPDATE. Randy Hopp defeated in Kane County Board Democratic primary race

Reported in Democrats choose Tepe in Kane County District 22.  (Daily Herald, 3/17/2020)

3/13/2020 update starts here

Reported in Democrats Hopp, Tepe on how they would serve Kane County District.  (The Daily Herald, 3/12/2020)

3/11/2020 update, "Kane County Board District 22 candidates on the issues", starts here.

Kane District 22 candidates put spotlight on taxes.  (Aurora Beacon News, 3/10/2020)

2/29/2020 update, "The Daily Herald does not endorse Randy Hopp for Kane County Board", starts here.

Endorsements: Berman, Davoust, Hanson, Starrett, Tepe, Thomas for Kane County Board seats.  (Daily Herald, 2/28/2020)

2/1/2020 update, "Letter writer explains why Randy Hopp should not be elected to the Kane County Board", starts here.

Letters to the Editor:  Hopp not a viable choice for Kane County Board.  (Courier News/Chicago Tribune, 1/31/2020)

1/25/2020 update, "Randy Hopp is going to the candidates' debate at the Gail Borden Public Library", starts here.

Reported in Elgin Area League of Women Voters to host four candidate forums in February.  (Daily Herald, 1/23/2020)

11/26/2019 update, "Randy Hopp wants a rematch with Douglas Scheflow", starts here.

Reported in First day of Kane County filings ensures chairman, state's attorney will be contested.  (Daily Herald, 11/25/2019)

Hopp lost to Scheflow by nearly 700 votes in 2016.

4/4/2019 update, " More evidence that some folks have no idea what they're doing when they vote", starts here.

Hopp finishes in last place but still manages to snag 1,749 votes.

Source:  Kane County IL

Elgin library incumbents win re-election.  (Daily Herald, 4/3/2019)

3/16/2019 update, "Randy Hopp relentless in his pursuit of a seat on the Gail Borden Public Library District board", starts here.

Editorial:  Endorsements: Bednar, Henderson, Gross, Garcia for Gail Borden Public Library District board .  (The Daily Herald, 3/15/2019)

7/13/2018 update, "Former Elgin library board trustee Randy Hopp snaps again", starts here.

Reported in Former Elgin library board trustee charged with domestic battery involving his mother, 90, police say.  (Chicago Tribune, 7/23/2018)

Original 11/16/2017 post, "Toweling around:  The crazy world of Randy Hopp", starts here.

Reported in Trial concludes for former Elgin library trustee accused of obstruction.  (Courier-News, 11/16/2017)

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