Monday, May 27, 2013

Randy Hopp is No Longer a Gail Borden Library Trustee

Randy Hopp

Excerpt: Hopp, 61, of the 1500 block of Pamela Court, Elgin, was charged with hitting his elderly father in March 2011 and was in an institution last summer after he was found unfit for trial. 

Hopp's father passed away in late 2012 and his mother, the only other witness, recanted her testimony during a videotaped evidence deposition April 23.  (The obituary mentions "his beloved son, Randolph".  All news reports I've read refer to him as Randall or Randy Hopp.)

Hopp was defeated in his April 2013 re-election bid, receiving 2,075 votes compared to 5,110 votes for the 3rd-place finisher.

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