Wednesday, March 15, 2017

UPDATE. The Breitbart bash continues: The audio may be 'exclusive' but the news is 5 months old

Breitbart remains relentless in its howling pursuit of Ryan.

House Speaker Paul Ryan told fellow Republican lawmakers Monday he will not defend Donald Trump and will focus only on maintaining GOP control of both houses of Congress. 
But the House speaker has not pulled his endorsement of Trump, a Ryan spokeswoman told NBC News.

2/15/2017 update, "Remember Paul Nehlen?  No?  Breitbart does and welcomes him to its Paul Ryan Team Bash", starts here.

Where you'll find the rest.  Exclusive—Nehlen: Paul Ryan’s Border Adjustment Tax As Bad As TPP.  (Breitbart News, 2/15/20217)

Nehlen got his butt kicked by Ryan.

Source:  Ballotpedia

Original 8/4/2016 post, "5 days before primary election, Paul Nehlen reveals himself to be total nutcase."

Not to mention desperate for attention.

Reported at, 8/4/2016

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