Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Let's hope this Mirro fate doesn't befall Oscar Mayer

The Mirro Company, Manitowoc, Wisconsin.

Founded in 1902.  Closed in 2003.  Employed more than 2000 at its peak.  A crumbling hulk of its former self, very slowly being razed.

Photo by Retiring Guy (12/28/2014)

More photos at The Mirro Corporation, Manitowoc, Wisconsin.  (8/10/2010)

Photo by Retiring Guy (January 2016)

Oscar Mayer

1919. Oscar G. Mayer purchases Farmers' Co-operative Packing Co. in Madison for $300,000.

1981.  Oscar Mayer and its subsidiaries are purchased by General Foods for $464.6 million.

1985.  Oscar Mayer's parent company, General Foods, is purchased by Philip Morris Companies for $5.8 billion

1988.  Philip Morris acquires Kraft.

1989.  Kraft and General Foods are combined to form Kraft General Foods, Inc.

1995.  Kraft General Foods is reorganized and name changed to Kraft Foods, Inc., with Oscar Mayer becoming one of 11 operating divisions.

2015.  H.J. Heinz Co. announces plans to buy Kraft Foods Group, making it the world's fifth-largest food company and the third-largest in the U.S.

2017.  Anticipated closing.

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