Monday, June 6, 2016

UPDATE: Scott Walker fiddles while Wisconsin's infrastructure continues to deteriorate

The BS starts here.

(B = billions)

But wait!  There's more!

Original 9/1/2015 post, "Let's transition from Walker's idiotic Canadian wall comment to a serious discussion about America's real infrastructure needs", starts here.

As quoted in Scott Walker campaign clarifies Canadian wall comments after backlash. (Wisconsin State Journal, 9/1/2015)

The word 'infrastructure' is not used in this article.

From America's infrastructure homepage:   
Every four years, the American Society of Civil Engineers’ Report Card for America’s Infrastructure depicts  the condition and performance of the nation’s infrastructure in the familiar form of a school report  card—assigning letter grades based on the physical condition and needed investments for improvement.
The 2013 Report Card grades show we have a significant backlog of overdue maintenance across our  infrastructure systems, a pressing need for modernization, and an immense opportunity to create reliable,  long-term funding, but they also show that we can improve the current condition of our nation’s  infrastructure — when investments are made and projects move forward, the grades rise.

More information on each of the 16 topic areas.

Previous report cards.

A typical melange of talking heads, voice-over, and historical footage with the requisite ominous background music.  But, overall, worth a look.

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