Wednesday, June 8, 2016

UPDATE: More wishful thinking extraordinaire from Breitbart

Just what the Koch Brothers want.  And if conservative leaders and activists keep their word, the well-funded campaign will have a "grassroots army" to spread the message of individual liberty, limited government and "popular consentinstead of seeking to rule over us.  [quotation marks added]

Source:  AP (94% of vote tallied) 

Original 6/4/2016 post,  "Breitbart engages in wishful thinking, starts here."

Small-scale fantasy

One of Trump's Muslim supporters mentioned here is Shireen Qudosi, whose first name is misspelled in the article.  [Shirin.]  At her LinkedIn account, she describes herself as a master pen-wielder [Michelle "Mau-Mau" Malkin immediately comes to mind] and a multimedia storyteller well-versed in the art of thought leadership and brand messaging. Our specialty is in communication, marketing and public relations for education and behavioral health.

Large-scale reality

As reported in Unsettling U.S. Political Climate Galvanizes Muslims to Vote.  (The New York Times, 6/1/2016)
NOT a statement of support for Donald Trump.  “When your existence in society is in danger, you try to mobilize your community,” said the organization’s secretary general, Oussama Jammal. “You have to be part of the entire society.”

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