Sunday, June 24, 2012

Manitowoc Public Library's Vision for the Future

A vision for the future. Manitowoc Public Library seeks to serve patrons, young and old, now and in years to come. (Manitowoc Herald Times Reporter, 6/24/2012)

Excerpt: Trustee Patrick Brandel said one theme that emerged from the four-hour meeting was “free choice learning.” He said people learn in different ways so library staff and resources need to create the ability for a choice of individualized experiences. 

That may include reading one of the library’s 225,000 books or 350 periodicals it subscribes to, going on the Internet at the library or accessing databases from home. 

Expanding use of technology will be the unifying link and infrastructure for many of the library’s current and future services, said Stacie Karlin, its Technical Services department head. 

And making patrons — more than 25,000 adults and children have borrowing privileges — aware of different events and resources at the library whose roots go back to 1900. The current library, 707 Quay St., opened in 1998.

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