Monday, June 18, 2012

$15,000 Statues Net $268 as Scrap

 There oughta be a law.

Imagine That

Statues Stolen From Waukegan Library Were Melted Down At Scrapyard. (WBBM,6/15/2012)

Excerpt: [T]he statues, called “Little Scholar” and “Imagine That,” were pried from their concrete perches in the courtyard of the library, at 128 N. County St. in Waukegan, two weeks ago. 

Now, police say the statues will never be recovered, because they were both sold as scrap to J.B. ["No Questions Asked"] Metals, at 2910 W. Carroll Ave. in Chicago’s East Garfield Park neighborhood, for $268, the Daily Herald reports. 

J.B. Metals melted the statues down, and they are gone forever, Waukegan Police Chief Daniel Greathouse says. 

Representatives from that scrapyard flat out told the library, “The statues are gone.”

What? In unison?

 Little Scholar

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