Friday, December 16, 2011

This is how they like to do things in Ross Township Pennsylvania

Draft budget keeps tax rate, trims paving in Ross. (Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, 12/15/2011)

Excerpt: The township's contribution to Northland Public Library would decrease in the proposed spending plan. Under the library's funding formula of population, assessed value and usage, Ross' contribution will decrease from $426,321 to $404,346.

Commissioner Chris Rand Eyster said he would rather put that money into paving.

"It's more important to have roads that are paved properly than to have a library that is in another municipality that we could use even if we were not participants," he said

Northland Library is supported by and serves the communities of Bradford Woods, Franklin Park, Marshall, McCandless, and Ross in the northern suburbs of Pittsburgh. We welcome all Allegheny County residents.

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