Monday, July 19, 2010

Exploring the New Lisbon Library's Space Needs Options

Link to July 18 Juneau County Star Times article, "New Lisbon mulls library plans".

Excerpt: The New Lisbon Common Council and Library Board discussed options for an improved library at a special meeting Thursday night.

According to city Administrator Ed Kaelin, the existing building housing the New Lisbon Memorial Library has "a lot of deficiencies," including a leaking roof and inadequate access to updated technology.

Early discussions mainly centered around the need for a brand new library building, which Kaelin said is still one of many options the council is mulling over.

"That's not off the table," he said. "You just have to explore every possible option."

Among those possibilities discussed at the meeting were expanding and repairing the existing facility and building an addition to New Lisbon City Hall to create a municipal complex housing the library.

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