Wednesday, January 23, 2019

The Freedom Caucus Crazies lead the weak, ineffectual charge against H.R. 676: NATO Support Act

The measure passed 357-22.   Of the 22 'nays', all but 3 are members of the Freedom Caucus.   They are all conservative white men.

Source:  govtrack (highlights added)

Not sure why Paul Gosar is not included among the 'Statiscally Notable Votes'.

House Approves Bill Warning Against U.S. NATO Pullout.  (The New York Times, 1/22/2019)
"It is in a sense crazy that we have to be doing this,” added freshman Democratic Representative Tom Malinowski, a former assistant secretary at the State Department. 
"I take the President of the United States seriously. He has made no secret of his disdain for the NATO alliance and his willingness to consider leaving it ... Congress is now the only check we have," Malinowski said.

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