Tuesday, January 22, 2019

Shit happens: The airport power outage edition

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Experts: Atlanta blackout a lesson for other airports.  (Atlanta Journal-Constitution, 12/22/2017)
Airports in Charlotte, Dallas, Denver and Washington, D.C., also told The Atlanta Journal-Constitution they’re confident in their power systems. 
“Our airports [Reagan National and Dulles International] have redundant power feeds, as well as backup generators on airport property to supply critical systems,” said Rob Yingling of the Metropolitan Washington Airports Authority. 
Of course, Hartsfield-Jackson also has a redundant electrical system and backup generators. And the airports offered few specifics to show their systems are better than Atlanta’s. [emphasis added]

Cold weather helps spur Monday morning power outage at Dane County airport. (Wisconsin State Journal, 1/22/2019)
Early reports that the airport’s generator didn’t work were erroneous, Kyser-McHenry said. 
The generator operated correctly, but internal checking systems shut the power down so sensitive equipment wouldn’t get damaged,” he said.   [emphasis added}
The approximately three-hour delay was the longest in the airport’s history, Kyser-McHenry said.  {Atlanta's lasted 11 hours, and it is the busiest airport in the U.S.)

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