Saturday, October 21, 2017

UPDATE: White Castle cuts cost with automatic napkin dispenser

White Castle test: Sometimes small things make a big difference.  (QSRweb, 10/18/2017)
Few restaurant executives spend significant chunks of time pondering napkin dispensers. But even fewer would pass up a chance to conserve more than half the costs of any given restaurant supply. That's the savings White Castle realized in tests of a new system for dispensing that customer-mandated freebie, napkins.

Original 10/8/2017 post, "White Castle automatic napkin dispenser", starts here.

On my first visit to a White Castle restaurant in 47 years -- since a summer spent in Minneapolis -- I was intrigued by this automatic napkin dispenser.  Yup, easily amused.  

It's likely to be another 47 years before I visit again.  Next time the opportunity arises, I'll ask my brother-in-law Bill, "Isn't there some place else we could eat?"  The response will probably hurt his feelings, as he's a huge lifetime fan of the chain.

This 2nd visit took place in Carol Stream, Illinois.

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