Tuesday, July 18, 2017

UPDATE. According to Morning Consult, Scott Walker has 6th highest disapproval rating among U.S. governors

America’s Most and Least Popular Governors — July 2017.  (Morning Consult, 7/18/2017)

Red and blue highlights added to chart.

6/28/2017 update, "Looks like Scott Walker got himself a fresh coat of Teflon", starts here.

New Marquette poll: Scott Walker job approval back to even.  (Wisconsin State Journal, 6/28/2017)
Or not.  Poll director Charles Franklin cautioned that the results could be slightly skewed by a polling sample that had more Republican respondents than the historic average. Republicans and Democrats were split evenly 45 percent, whereas historically the poll has found a 48-43 split favoring Democrats.

3/23/2017 update, "Wisconsin likes Scott Walker more than Donald Trump, but not by much", starts here.

Walker remains underwater with independents.

As Scott Walker eyes a possible third term, his job approval hovers at 45 percent.  (Wisconsin State Journal, 3/22/2017)

Walker’s approval level has been up and down in the Marquette poll over the past few years, bottoming out at 37 percent in September 2015 shortly after he ended his presidential campaign.

9/21/2016 update, " Obama approval rating in Wisconsin is up 12 percentage points in 2 years; Walker down 8.5", starts here.

In the latest Marquette poll, Clinton's current favorability rating is 12 percentage points higher than Trump.

Original 8/10/2016 post, "In Wisconsin, Obama's approval rating is 15 percentage points higher than Scott Walker", starts here.

The same as Clinton's favorability rating over Trump.

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Marquette poll: Hillary Clinton opens 15-point post-convention lead in Wisconsin.  (Madison.com, 8/10/2016)
Gov. Scott Walker's approval rating remains below 40 percent. The poll found 38 percent approve of his job performance while 59 percent disapprove. That's consistent with what it has been since he began running for president while overseeing a difficult state budget early last year.

UPDATE: In Wisconsin, President Obama continues to get higher approval ratings than Scott Walker.  (7/14/2016)
UPDATE: Apparently, Scott Walker, the majority of us feel your focus should be to say 'bye-bye'.  (7/13/2016)

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