Friday, October 16, 2015

Friday afternoon news dump: Scott Walker appoints young guy in baseball cap as new Director of Federal Relations

5:05 p.m.

"In summer" of.....?

Is this a placeholder appointment

Source:  LinkedIn


Man MKE said...

Jeepers, the governor's communications staff sure seems to have trouble coping with elementary English grammar, even in something as simple as a news release; as in the proper use of commas, for example. And they love capitalizing everything, as if that connotes importance. This kind of quasi-writing will not impress working reporters.

Anonymous said...

It appears that Kyle Roskam was employed by Reps Ripple and Grothman, but he only worked for them for part of the year:

Anonymous said...

Here's a blub about Kyle Roskam in the Washington DC publication, The Hill. Yup, it is clear Roskam is a deep thinker: "The highlight of the convention? 'The balloons, actually,' Roskam says. 'Maybe that’s kind of corny and whatever, but being in the crowd — it was a packed stadium — the balloons, the loud noise, the music, it was really, really fun.' ”