Friday, December 26, 2014

The New York Times Dubs it "The Year of the Shrinking S.U.V."

Excellent example of car porn.

Move Over Land Yachts, Compact S.U.V.s Are in Demand.  (The New York Times, 12/25/2014)

Sheila Mahoney of Gilbert, Arizona, loves her Buick Encore.
“This is definitely the smallest vehicle I’ve ever had, but it’s perfect.  There’s just enough room to haul groceries around, and now instead of filling up the tank once a week, I’m at the gas station maybe every two weeks. 

Then there's this "reading and marking" entry.
<With automakers poised to sell nearly 17 million vehicles this year in the United States, their best year since 2007, sales of the so-called crossovers — which are built on more comfortable car frames instead of rigid truck ones — are higher than ever. And while sales of the biggest seven-passenger, three-row people haulers remain strong, particularly for General Motors, it is the smaller S.U.V.s that are making a name for themselves.>

 I suppose sense 2 of crossover as defined by Merriam-Webster provides general coverage.

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