Thursday, December 25, 2014

Foxcatcher Creates No Excitement

Count your blessings that you didn't end up here today.

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Although a reviewer for the Washington Post got suckered into Sony Classic Pictures' hype.
‘Foxcatcher’ Steve Carell’s performance as an aristocratic oddball represents a breakthrough for someone more associated with comedy and winsome drama. Ann Hornaday writes, "'Foxcatcher' exerts a mesmerizing pull, not only because it affords the chance to witness three fine actors working at the height of their powers, but also because it so steadfastly resists the urge to clutter up empty space with the filigree of gratuitous imagery and chatter."


Here's the real scoop, folks.

Messy, at best.

Let's write a screenplay about the most boring people imaginable and then film it as a snooze-inducing, pretentious movie.

In a most laughable turn of events, Steve Carell received a Golden Globe nomination for "Best Actor in a Motion Picture, Drama", a performance that would clearly be the nadir of any actor's resume.  What's was he -- or the director -- thinking?

Overall, the movie is a criminal waste of talent and further evidence that Hollywood can no longer tell a coherent story.


Need I say more?

The movie should have been listed here.

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