Friday, June 6, 2014

Reminiscing Already: How to Get to our Bed & Breakfast in Rome

Might as well use this series of photos.

After aggressively tailgating any vehicle impeding his progress on the 20-minute drive from the Fiumicino airport to our destination on Viale Trastevere, our van driver deposited us in front of a large, black metal gate that didn't exactly say, "Welcome!"

The street-level entrance.  We were given a key to get through this point.

After finding which one of the 36 buttons to push, and waiting about 30 seconds for a response, Desiree, one of the owners of the B&B greeted us in heavily accented English and buzzed us in.

"Go to the second floor," she instructed.

As we recalled from our Paris trip, the second floor is two flights up:  ground, first, second, etc.

The first set of stairs

Once we reached a courtyard, my concerns about our location, based on the first impression of the metal gate, started to evaporate.  


Walkway to a double set of doors. 

Doors.  We were given a second key to open this door.  I think this is still considered ground level..... we still have 2 more flights to climb.

Double doors leading to our section of the B&B (3 bedrooms and a kitchen).  We were given a third key for this door.

 We were in room 2.  And key #4.

The Red Room

A view from the balcony.

Overall, we were very pleased with the accommodations, amenities, and Desiree's and Davide's great hospitality.

B&B Zen Trestevere
Viale Trestevere

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