Wednesday, February 5, 2014

In the News: Derse, Lamar Advertising

Firm says businesses will pay more for Wisconsin highway signs. (Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, 2/4/2014)

Milwaukee-based, but...... For 28 years, Milwaukee-based Derse-Wisconsin Highway Business Signs has run the program that tells drivers what restaurants, gas stations and hotels are available off interstate exits. Derse charges businesses to put their logos on the blue signs, so the program does not cost the state anything.

Derse timeline
  • 1948.  Founded by James F. Derse in Milwaukee.
  • 1989.  Sold to a senior group of officers and managers.  (Bill Haney, new CEO and owner)
  • 1994.  Expansion
    • Opens full-service office in Las Vegas.
    • Opens sales office in downtown Chicago.
  • 1996.  Further expansion
    • Opens full-service office in Dallas.
    • Opens sales office in Phoenix.
  • 1997.  Opens full-service location in Atlanta.
  • 1999.  Opens system rental division in Atlanta.
  • 2000.  Opens systems rental depot in Las Vegas.
  • 2002.  Opens full-service division in Pittsburgh.  
  • 2007.  Opens sales, design, and warehousing facility in Minneapolis
  • 2009.  Opens new national  headquarters in Milwaukee.
  • 2009.  Opens sales offices in Los Angeles, San Diego, and New Jersey.
  • 2010.  Opens sales and project management office in Milan, Italy.
  • 2010.  Opens sales office in Indianapolis.  

Let's follow James Derse's money, which he contributed exclusively to Republicans.

The next question to ask:  Is Bill Haney keeping up his end of the bargain?

What about all of Derse?   After 2002, Carla Haney is the only one contributing.

What about Lamar Advertising, the company that won the bid.

I guess the king hasn't been in his counting house recently.  (Interstate Logos doesn't show up in WDC's campaign finance database.)

Derse's "Save Our Signs Wisconsin" Facebook page.

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