Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Well, How About That, Scott Walker?

Uninsured Find More Success via Health Exchanges Run by States.  (The New York Times, 10/8/2013)

Excerpt:   While many people have been frustrated in their efforts to obtain coverage through the federal exchange, which is used by more than 30 states, consumers have had more success signing up for health insurance through many of the state-run exchanges, federal and state officials and outside experts say.

Gotta play to the base.   Scott Walker, Wisconsin Governor, Rejects Key Health Care Reform.  (Huffington Post, 11/16/2012)

Reading the color bar from left to right
  • Dark teal.  State-run marketplace
  • Medium teal.  State-federal partnership, state conducting plan management and consumer assistance.
  • Light teal.  State running small-business marketplace, federal government running individual marketplace.
  • Tan.  Federally facilitated marketplace, state conducting plan management.
  • Gold.  Federally facilitated marketplace.

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