Thursday, January 26, 2012

“ALEC is excited to have Majority Leader Chip Rogers as a member of ALEC leadership": I'll just bet they are!

Georgia Community Broadband in Legislative Crosshairs.  (Government Technology, 1/25/2012)

Excerpt:  SB 313, the Broadband Investment Equity Act, [sponsored by Senate Majority Leader Chip Rogers, R-Woodstock],was introduced in the Georgia Senate on Jan. 19. If it becomes law, the bill would enact numerous barriers to providing government-owned broadband services, including the requirements that private providers be solicited first before establishing a community broadband network and that a special election must be held for citizens to approve the project. 

According to a statement released by the Georgia Senate Press Office, the goal of SB 313 is to encourage private investment and level the playing field by making government entities adhere to the same rules that private companies follow when establishing communication networks.

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