Sunday, September 27, 2009

Eastern Shores Library System Celebrates Its 30th Anniversary

Link to September 10 Oshkosh Northwestern article (which I somehow missed at the time of its initial publication).

Excerpt: The library system began as the Sheboygan County Federated Library System in 1979. A County Library Planning Committee recommended the library system to the Sheboygan County Board after a 1978 study of countywide library service and library system services.

What had been a patchwork of contracts and fees for access to some municipal libraries was now a method for all the county's residents to use any library in the county.

The county levied a county library tax on the municipalities that did not operate a public library, which was used to reimburse the municipal libraries that provided service to the residents of communities without libraries.

From the beginning, bookmobile service was an important countywide service, bringing library materials to villages and schools in rural areas of the county. The bookmobile service is also celebrating its 30th anniversary.

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