Thursday, October 1, 2009

Community Library Board of Trustees: Riding Roughshod?

Link to September 29 West of the I post, "Close out as Community Library director".

Posted comment: The forcing out of Ms. Close is truly what both the Randall Town Board and the Twin Lakes Village Board wanted all along. They have stacked the Library Board against Ms. Close now for the past couple of years. If you look closely at the appointments from these two communities you will see that none of the individuals had any real interest in making the library better. They had personal agendas designed to make this happen. If either board, (Randall or Twin Lakes) and their designated appointees had the interest of the library at heart we would have had a new library by now. Look beyond what just transpired, and you will find a lot of personal agendas, and no one looking out for the good of the library or the community.

Trying to keep the officials of five municipalities happy: not an enviable challenge.

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