Friday, November 21, 2008

What Will Nicholas Baker Say?

Link to November 21 Editor & Publisher post, "Ohio County Public Library Gives Away Vintage Editions of Local Papers".

Baker has already made his feelings known about this type of housecleaning.

The secretary/treasurer of the Ohio County Public Library's Board of Trustees says, due to their state of deterioration, the paper editions can no longer be displayed (?) at the library.

I suppose the library doesn't have the wherewithal to store them properly. No mention is made as to whether other agencies -- i.e., historical societies -- were contacted. Or maybe the newspapers are beyond redemption -- like the early 20th-century editions of The World Almanac, the newsprint pages yellowed and brittle, that were in storage in the basement of the Oshkosh Public Library during the 8 years I worked there (1978-1986). At most, I can't imagine they survived the mid-90s addition and renovation.

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