Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Investigative and Advocacy Journalism Moves to the Web

Ida Tarbell, pioneering muckraking journalist

Some of you might remember the late, unlamented (or so it seems) New Times, a muckraking bi-weekly magazine which folded right before we all went to sleep during the Reagan years. The editors didn't seem to care who they pissed off, which made for great reading. During its brief run, it's was one of two magazines I read from cover to cover during the 1970s. (American Heritage being the other.)

Here's a New York Times article, "Web Sites That Dig for News Rise as Community Watchdogs", that provides a report on the current status of investigative journalism. (Reporters digging for information? Now there's mainstream journalism workplace habit that's in great need of a revival.)

Web-based news operations highlighted.
Voice of San Diego
St. Louis Beacon
New Haven Independent
Crosscut.com (Seattle)

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