Wednesday, December 20, 2017

Auto tours of Sunset Village neighborhood on the near west side of Madison WI

Purple arrows below follow route of auto tour north of Regent St.

(text boxes, highlights, and arrows added)

Sunset Village
  • East:  Larkin Street, Owen Parkway, Eugenia Avenue
  • North:  University Avenue
  • West:   Midlvale Boulevard, Merlham Drive, Hillside Drive
  • South: Mineral Point Road

Green arrows in above map follow route of auto tour south of Regent Street.

Timeline and description (not much to share)
  • 1937.  Named by developer John C. McKenna Sr. as he considered it at the time his final project
  • Primarily single-family homes (Cape Cod, ranch, split-level ranch) with 2-3 bedrooms.
  • 1941.  Considerable home construction completed by the start of World War II
  • 1946.  Construction resumed apace after World War II
  • The 8th and 9th additions, the last, were developed in the 1950s.
    • Location:  West of Midvale Boulevard along Hillcrest Drive and Merlham Drive
    • Single-family home and 7 four-unit apartment buildings


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