Thursday, December 7, 2017

Auto tour of Westmorland neighborhood, Madison WI


  • North:  Mineral Point Road
  • West:  Midvale Boulevard 
  • South:  Southwest Commuter Trail (former Illinois Central Railroad tracks)
  • East:  Glenway Street
Westmorland timeline
  • 1928.  Creation of subdivision announced in 1928.  Lots sold quickly during first two years.
  • 1930 (July 20).  Westmorland Golf Course (9 holes), just west of subdivision, opened on July 20, 1930.
  • Stone pillars at Mineral Point Road and Westmorland Boulevard was to be entrance to golf course clubhouse, which was never built
  • 1945.  Golf course closes.  Land sold to Our Lady Queen of Peace Church
  • 1946.  Portion of golf course not sold to church platted for development.
  • 1950.  Development of the area between Frederick Lane and railroad tracks)
  • 1951.  Midvale School opens.
  • 1955.  Midvale Boulevard south of Mineral Point Road constructed.

Bullet points source:  The Origins of Some Madison, Wisconsin, Street Name. Part VII.  (Historic Madison, Inc. of Wisconsin)

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Anonymous said...

I will never be able to retire, went to UW 1980-82, have always viewed Madison as a picturesque, progressive place. I grw up in larger cities, my folks were professionals, then we moved to a smaller place. Life was much different there for all of us.

Bless you for your success. Just wish others like myself had followed your same road to success. People in rural areas, as well as certain areas in places like Milwaukee, are somehow not offered the same opportunities to create a living existence.

Hopefully Democrats take that into consideration before trying to win back seats in 2018 and '20.