Wednesday, September 20, 2017

A big part of the reason Foxconn chose Wisconsin is.....Chicago, that toddlin' town

Reported in Exclusive: Foxconn Chairman Terry Gou explains company's $10 billion plan for Wisconsin.  (Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, 7/27/2017)

Ready to give away the store.

Quoted in With Foxconn Coming, Wisconsin Gov. Walker Isn't Eager To Share Economic Bounty With Illinois.  (Forbes, 9/19/2017)
It's gonna happen whether he wants it to or not.
Of course, there's a huge interstate economic flow between Illinois and Wisconsin already, and Illinois interests believe that Foxconn and its suppliers will want to take considerable advantage of what their state has to offer. That includes O'Hare International Airport, lots of commercially developable land to the north and west of the Chicago area for the Foxconn supply chain, and even the many Illinois residents who make up a vast talent pool within an easy commute of where Foxconn will locate in southeastern Wisconsin.

Source:  Wikipedia

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