Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Instant replay: Self-anointed Trump champion in Georgia 6th special election underperforms

By 2.4 percentage points.  

Sources:  The New York Times (actual), Real Clear Politics (average)
Photo credit:  Wikia

Ms. Handel, 55, has portrayed herself as a Trump supporter, though she was less fervent in her backing for him than were the other Republican candidates in the race, who adopted Mr. Trump’s catchphrases and style in an attempt to stand out.

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Club for Growth endorses Trump-aligned candidate in GA special election.  (The Hill, 3/24/2017)=
[Bob] Gray, a former councilman who has vowed to be an ally to President Trump if elected, is one of 18 candidates running for the seat left vacant by now-Health and Human Services Secretary Tom Price.
Karen Handel gets last-day support from Donald Trump’s Georgia chair.  (Atlanta Journal-Constitution, 4/17/2017)
But with Casey’s endorsement, you can consider the Trump machine in Georgia to be divided at least four ways. To one degree or another, Moody, former Johns Creek councilman Bob Gray, and former Trump surrogate Bruce LeVell have all sought to portray themselves as Trump’s champion in the Sixth District.

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